Applying the Definitions Related to Deforestation, Conversion, and Protection of Ecosystems

Q&A and illustrative examples that demonstrate how to apply the Accountability Framework’s definitions related to protection of ecosystems in different contexts


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Purpose & Summary

This document explains how the Accountability Framework’s definitions related to deforestation, conversion, and the protection of ecosystems should be applied in practice. This document answers several common questions that companies and other users may encounter related to setting, implementing, and monitoring commitments. This information is supported by a visual representation of the deforestation and conversion concepts and by a series of tables conveying more detailed context-specific examples.

Topics in this guidance

1. Applying the definitions in different contexts

2. Applying definitions at the field level

3. Relationship between the Accountability Framework definitions and other tools

4. Key AFi positions related to the definitions

Diagrams: What is deforestation and conversion?

Tables: Classification of land uses, boundary cases, and relationships to other definitions

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Core Principle
Protection of forests and other natural ecosystems
Topic: Deforestation and Conversion
Brief summary of the Framework's guidance setting and achieving goals to eliminate deforestation and ecosystem conversion from commodity supply chains.

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