Responsible supply chain management: Best practices

This webinar is part of our Company Training and Learning webinar series.

Hear from the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) coalition about the Framework’s best practices for supply chain traceability, risk assessment, supplier engagement, and management for supplier compliance. Panelists will discuss the importance of supply chain management for achieving sustainability commitments, the integration of social and environmental risk assessment and management, and practical tools and approaches for supplier engagement.


  • Sarah Lake, Vice President and Global Director for Latin America, Mighty Earth
  • Justin Dupré-Harbord, Senior Project Manager, Proforest
  • Shawn MacDonald, CEO, Verité
  • Leah Samberg, Scientist, Global Programs, Rainforest Alliance
  • Nadine Syarief, AFi Southeast Asia Regional Manager, AFi Backbone Team

To download the slides for this webinar, click here.

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