Workers’ Rights

Requirements, best practices, and practical considerations for companies to fulfil their obligation to respect the rights of workers.

The AFi is pleased to announce the draft Operational Guidance on Workers’ Rights is now available. The public consultation for this draft guidance closed on 1 February. Thanks to all who participated in this process. A final version will be available shortly.

Download the draft and learn more about the public consultation:

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Purpose & Summary

This Operational Guidance elaborates on the Accountability Framework’s Core Principles 2.1 and 2.3 regarding respect for internationally-recognized rights of workers for all production and trade activities in the forestry and agriculture sectors. These rights include provisions for:

  1. No child labour
  2. No forced or compulsory labour
  3. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  4. No discrimination
  5. No abusive practices or undue disciplinary procedures
  6. Legal and decent working hours
  7. Safe and healthy workplaces
  8. Living wages and fair benefits

Recognizing that numerous guidelines and other resources already exist to support implementation of workers’ rights norms, the purpose of this document is to summarize established best practice and link to existing resources to learn more.

Topics in this guidance

1. Overview

2. Operationalizing respect for workers’ rights

3. Effective management systems to ensure respect for workers’ rights

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