Supplier Management

The Accountability Framework is a resource to help companies produce and source commodities while protecting forests and other natural ecosystems and respecting human rights. It guides the establishment of effective policies and implementation systems, including systems for managing suppliers to fulfill ethical supply chain goals. Review the Framework’s position and guidance on supplier management and find user tools to apply the Framework.


Topical Summary on Management of Non-Compliant Suppliers

To achieve supply chains that are free from deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights abuses, companies must ensure compliance with these elements throughout their entire supply base. Core Principle 6 of the Accountability Framework states that companies should manage their entire supply chain to fulfill commitments, identify non-compliance, and resolve any such issues expeditiously and effectively.

For commodity buyers, an important step toward this goal is to map supply chains and assess the environmental and social performance of suppliers. Where these processes reveal actual or potential non-compliance with no-deforestation, no-conversion, or human rights commitments, buyers must engage suppliers to resolve existing non-compliances and avoid future ones.

The topical briefing on managing for supplier compliance provides an overview of the Framework’s positions and guidance on this topic.

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Access the Framework’s full guidance

Review the Framework’s full guidance on managing for supplier compliance, found in Sections 4 and 5 of the Operational Guidance on Supply Chain Management.

Use the self-assessment tool

Benchmark your company’s implementation systems (including supplier management systems) against the Accountability Framework and identify key areas for improvement.

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